Friday, May 2, 2008

A post a day in May

Though I am a day late, I decided to participate in Jenny's (of the lovely allsorts) Post a Day in May mainly because the button she has for participants is so pretty, I just wanted to display it on my blog.

And also because THE SPRING SEMESTER IS OVER!!! And now (well, in a few days, after the mountain o' papers is graded) I can give more attention to my beloved pasttimes. Like last summer when Mean Mommy was born and sometimes I posted twice a day and also kept up the now languishing Mommy Blog Roundup, whose abandonment causes me daily guilt and sadness. I love MBRU. I just haven't have time to maintain this blog, write for Momformation, keep up with work, laundry, diaper changing, general child rearing, and get my daily sewing fix.

Speaking of sewing, I have some gorgeous pictures to share. Both are amazing recent thrift stores finds: a vintage Singer 328K from the 1960s that works like a dream (for $10 dollars!) and an unbelievable quilt top, whose every hexagon is a beautiful piece of vintage fabric. (For more pictures of the quilt fabric, click here.)

I'm in love with both of these things. The sewing machine especially. It's such a good, sturdy machine, obviously lovingly cared for by someone for years, and I was very lucky to find it. When I sew on it, I feel giddy.

Ok, I promise, more coherent posts to come throughout the month.


cbh said...

wait... did you make the quilt? seriously??? ok... you have got to make me a quilt for my bedroom. i need one for the summer months. my down comforter is too damn hot may-september. let's look for fabric together ASAP!!!

Mean Mommy said...

No! Did you READ the post? I bought it at a thrift store...yeesh. I'm not that good yet.

cbh said...

oh...confused?!? sorry! i did READ the post dumb a$$! its just the "author" is a bit wordy.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?