Thursday, May 15, 2008

Excuses, excuses

I know, I know. I've missed a day or two of "post a day in May." I wish it were "a post ALMOST every day in May." I've had a busy week: a big birthday bash for a good friend's little boy, a visit from my BFWUTBAWFF (best friend who used to be a work friend forever), Anna. These events plus dealing with inordinately obnoxious behavior from both boys has kept me from my leisure activities this week.

That and the myriad season finales on my DVR list: The Hills, The Riches, The Bachelor, Survivor, the finals of American Idol. It's important to keep up with TV too! One must do her pop culture duty, you know. I can't have the rest of the world knowing if Matt chose Chelsea or Shane and not know myself. (Shhh! Don't say! I haven't watched it yet!) It's damn irresponsible not to keep on top of current events.

So there you have it. I posted. Now I'm only 2 days behind instead of 3. More clever posts to come. Probably.

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cbh said...

I DVRed the season finale of the Bachelor and was looking forward to watching it the next night, commercial free, while grading papers. I intentionally did not listen to the radio the next morning or watch the Today show for fear of a spoiler. When I got to school I rested my items upon my desk and there on a bright pink post-it left for me by a co-worker who also actually watches this crap, was the name of the girl Matt picked in big black letters. NOOOOOOOO!