Monday, May 5, 2008

But oh, those su-hum-mer niiiii-hites

One of my favorite things about summer is playing outside with the kids after dinner. The hours between dinner and bedtime are my favorite of the day anyway because our chores are done, daddy is finished working, and everyone is well fed and happy. We often play a game with the kids or do some drawing and coloring until bedtime.

But in the summer, we go outside. Sometimes we take a walk, sometimes we just play in the yard. I love the light of summer evenings and the feel of the air. I still get excited when the fireflies come out. I love being barefoot on the driveway, feeling the heat of the day radiate under my toes.

Tonight was one of our first nights outside after dinner. John lit some firework snakes we had left over from last 4th of July, and even though it started to rain, and the snakes made it look like the driveway was pooping, it was a gorgeous evening, a harbinger of a summer full of warm nights. The first one of the season.


hautemommy said...

I am so jealous that you hve fireflies!! We don't have them in San Diego, and that is one of the things I miss from when I lived in New York! It was so magical to take little walks and see the fireflies!!! Enjoy them for me:)

cbh said...

i'm blog mad at you and i'm not a copy cat. for the record, i had already taken those photos for my blog BEFORE i saw yours.


that's me sticking my tongue out at you! (xoxo)

Victoria said...

Summer! Wheeeee!

MadMad said...

The driveway was pooping... You are too much! That was just perfect. What a cute post! (You do have more than 12 readers. Or you definitely should!)