Sunday, May 18, 2008


I've been doing way too much online browsing lately. So that browsing doesn't turn to spending, I will now blog about my finds.

Mostly, I want this bento box. But I'm having a hard time justifying the purchase (for Paige's lunches when she's in preschool in 2 years? for my school dinners which I never actually pack, instead eating "dinner" out of a vending machine?)

These linen fabrics from Cicada Studio. So, so pretty.

Who's Hiding by Saturo Onishi. My kids love interactive books, and by "interactive" I don't mean electronic and annoying. Plus Japanese imports are the new black.

These apple shoes for Paige from Livie and Luca. Can't you just picture these on her big, fat feet?

A vintage swimsuit. This one or any number of others. But I wouldn't act so dramatic about it.


cbh said...

the shoes are a must... truly a must.

hautemommy said...
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hautemommy said...

Love that swimsuit!! So darn cute! :)