Friday, April 25, 2008


The bond between Paige and Bailey is too sweet for words. Bailey's arrival is always met by squeals, bouncing, and full-speed, charging hugs. And Bailey's patience and tenderness have reached new levels with Paige. They are 12 years apart, but sisters are matter the age difference.


JMC said...

My oldest is 12 years older than my youngest as well. They are the only two who don't fight with one another.

cbh said...

i love the age difference between me and you and me and kelly...especially at this time in our lives because our age has disappeared but our bond has grown stronger. just i have looked up to you and kelly, paige will forever look up to bailey in so many ways. she is lucky to have her and i am lucky to have two amazing big sisters!
PS: where is my "i love you because" birthday post?

Bon said...

they are so sweet together.

my sister (who is actually my half-sister, the youngest of my father's second family after two boys, just like Paige and Bailey) is also twelve years younger. i delighted in her when she was small. now, finally, as she grows into adulthood and we are both pregnant together, we are finding ways to connect again on shared ground, and it is lovely.

Phoenix said...

Gotta love sisters together. Paige's chubby legs and arms make my uterus hurt.