Friday, August 17, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good

  • Fall semester starts next week. Work = sanity.
  • Yesterday we booked a beach house in the Outer Banks for September. It will be our first family vacation (that is, first taken as just us, without extended family).
  • The laundry, it is caught up AND put away.
  • The bills, they are paid (my least favorite chore).
  • The boys are letting me read The Mouse and Motorcycle to them. Since finishing Ramona the Brave (our first chapter book attempt), they are finally getting the whole "just listen to the story" thing and will sit (mostly) quietly for a whole chapter. I love it. Now I can foist my favorite books upon them.
  • Mitch wore underwear all day today with no accidents. Yay! Because school, for which he has to be potty trained, starts in 2 weeks, and now I don't have to sneak him in in Pull Ups.
The Bad
  • The heat. Oh lordy the heat.
  • Next week's string of doctors' appointments for the kids, some of which may end with recommendations for surgery (Paige, for a clogged tear duct and/or kidney reflux; Owen, for his ongoing strabismus issue). Sigh.
  • The #$%#@ Mattel recall may mean I have to take away all of Mitch's most favoritest toys.
  • Our sitter quit, leaving us less than a week to find a replacement. Plus, we love her. Damn only-offered-fall-semester Senior Seminar. Damn sitter who wants to finish college and stuff.
  • Ant Family Jamboree 2007 in our kitchen.
The Ugly
  • My unwritten syllabus. Did I mention I have a brand new prep this semester? Which includes Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Jane Austen? Whom I haven't taught or studied since grad school? Yeah. Better get on that.
  • Next month's electric bill. Isn't the air conditioning supposed to, like, turn off sometimes?
  • Paige's runny nose (oh so ugly, trust me).
  • The--yaaaawn--bags under my eyes.
  • The ice cream-less freezer. WTFlip? It's 101 degrees outside for flip's sake!
  • John's snoring from the bedroom, which I can hear all the way in the living room.
Here's to a restful weekend full of...classic British Lit, I guess.


JMC said...

I don't know how bad Paige's reflux is, but my daughter had it and the doctors said that 85-90% of the time, when it's not a bad case, babies outgrow it by the age of 2.

That particular daughter (I have so many, I lose count sometimes), is now, um, let's see... 4. She took antibiotics to prevent UTIs from the time it was discovered (at 2 months old) until she was 2 1/2. She has had no recurrence of a UTI, so it is assumed she outgrew it. Though we don't know for sure, because I refused to allow them to perform the torturous reverse-catheter test thing. If she ever gets a UTI, they'll have to do the test, but so far, so good.

Hope you get the same happy ending with Paige and don't have to go through surgery. Hope all goes well with her tear ducts and with Owen too!

bella said...

Good luck on prepping for your class and preparing your syllabus.
And oh how I love those moments when you feel caught up and bills padi and laundry not just washed but folded and out away.
Happy back to school.

MadMad said...

Isn't it sad - though so true - that getting the laundry done and put away counts as a good thing?! Remember when a good thing was... wait. I don't remember any.... Just kidding. But I'm glad yours is done. I'm going home tomorrow from a week away and already getting a little stressed by the thought of spending Monday unpacking and doing laundry. Ah well.