Friday, August 10, 2007

I moved!

So I moved, as you know, since you followed me here. Over at LiveJournal, I was starting to feel like the kid with outdated clothes. Plus, I think there was something about LJ I was missing, because when I posted on their suggestions board that non-members should be allowed to sign their posts with a name, email, and link, most of the responders were appalled that I'd suggest such a thing. There were worried about visitors looking like LJ users and causing confusion. Now I'm thinking LJ isn't a true blog host--that many users there see their sites as "journals" and LJ as more of an insular community.

But I was tired of my visitors having trouble signing comments, and I wanted more control of my template. And Mommy Blog Roundup is on Blogger already, so it's easier to have both blogs at the same host.

I'll leave the LJ site up for awhile until I can get all my posts moved over (more recent posts first) and am sure my droves of readers (snort) have found me at Blogger. So hi! Enjoy signing your comments!


L'oiseau said...

Cool beans!


Welcome to the neighborhood!
Consider this comment my tuna casserole.
Love the new look!

Mean Mommy said...

Mmmm. Tuna casserole...