Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to School

As I mentioned in the last post, the fall semester starts this week. Going back to work always leaves me with mixed emotions. I love the freedom of the summer: long, lazy mornings, days of doing nothing in particular, mosquitoes feasting on my ankles. But by August, I'm ready to have my grown-up time back. At work, I can be me for awhile, instead of mommy.

I especially love office hours (even more so when none of those pesky student people show up). Sitting at my desk in the quiet, with the freedom to type an email without anyone begging for a snack or drooling on the keyboard, is bliss. The minutes fly by, and it's time for class before I know it. I go reluctantly, even though teaching is, after all, the point. And as soon as I get going, I love that, too, in spite of...well...all those things that teachers complain about. Especially when they teach mostly freshman.

All this is to say, my gears are in the process of changing right now. This time of year is always a bit overwhelming, always busy, always stressful. My creative energy will be on the wane. Forgive me a few future lame (or nonexistent) posts. In the words of California's beloved governor, "I'll be back."


Aliki2006 said...

Ah yes, office hours. I love those office hours!

I have 4 back-to-back classes though this semester--blech.

Mean Mommy said...

Back to back! Yikes...that's exhausting!