Thursday, June 7, 2007

If I Had a Thousand Extra Dollars...

I'd spend it all at

I came across this fabulous website a few days ago, and I must've spent 2 hours browsing it. It's a site where craftsmen and women sell handmade merchandise, and its listings are chock full o' beauty, character, and style.

I spent most of my time browsing baby clothes and art, and both sections had countless gorgeous, unique items for unbelievable prices. For instance:

These paintings, which I can imagine for a little girls room ($20.00 each):

And this sweet pinafore ($22.00) made with vintage fabric:

And these are the teensiest, tiniest tip of the Etsy iceburg. The site makes me want to throw all of my stuff away and decorate my next house for real, like a grown up person.

I have always been drawn to antique, vintage, and handmade objects (and houses). Left in these objects is something of the person who owned or crafted them, giving them a kind of...warmth, I guess. So I am thrilled to have found a place that caters to my love of soulful objects and indulges my weakness for spending money on the internet. (It's the packages--I get all giddy when UPS stops at my house!)

Make a whole lot of time and take a look.

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