Sunday, February 3, 2008

I need something... do while I pretend to watch the Super Bowl. But my brain is very soft this evening, and I have no cleverness. Instead, here are some links. Some of them will be joining my sidebar when I get around to it, but I didn't think you should have to wait for my lazy ass to get around to updating the blog before you got to enjoy them.

How About Orange = Great links, freebie desktop wallpapers and PDFs, neato DIYs, talented design, very little pretension.

Daily Monster = A guy who draw monsters from ink blots...daily. Watch him go. It's way cool.

Want Not = Lovable Mir hunts down all the good deals and shares them with you. Save money the Mean Mommy way: buy things you don't need, but get 'em cheap.

Sarah Jane Studios = Best illustrations of children ever. Warm up your, "Awwwww."

Happy Super Bowl!


Phoenix said...

I only made it through the first quarter and then I fell asleep.

Victoria said...

I took a Tylenol PM and missed the whole thing (returning from Vegas on the redeye will do that to ya!)

But that link to Sarah Jane - wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!