Sunday, June 29, 2008


What I love right now:

1. Once. I have a big time crush on this movie and the soundtrack. This song is gorgeous, gorgeous. ETA: Watch out! Spoiler alert in Comment #4! (Kelcey!)

2. The Toy Society. I want to do this. And I will, I will!

3. These mosiacs on Flickr. I just love them so much.

4. The Matilda Top. This could be the best 4th of July fabric ever.

5. Kiddie Records Weekly. Click and weep with nostalgia.

6. Park Slope by Erin McMorris. I want nearly every print in every colorway.

7. The Mama Bird Diaries. Kelcey left a comment here the other day, so I clicked over to her blog and read the archives for over an hour. She's hilarious and insightful and real and way hipper than I could ever hope to be but not in an annoying way at all.

Can you tell I had way too much time on the computer last week? Back to reality this week. Yay! (For real. I'm happy to be back at home with the hooligans. Believe it or not.)


Lindsay said...

I want to see Once. My husband watched it awhile back and loved it, especially the music. He'll play the song "Falling Slowly" for my daughter and I, and it's just so pretty.

I've really started to like Flickr mosaics. I think I could really kill some time using that.

Britt said...

i love the toy society idea! if i skills to make something cuddley, i would be all over that. but anything i made would likely scare children.

The Toy Society said...

Hey Mean Mommy, thanks for The Toy Society link. Would love to have you play along. Lots of info to come on the blog. Bianca

the mama bird diaries said...

Thanks for completely making my day!! What fabulous, awesome things you said! I am very humbled. So appreciate the very generous shout out. :) Kelcey

P.S. I was so bummed when the two characters didn't get together at the end of Once. Great music.

bonbon momma said...

I love that toy society. I will definitley partake and hopefully not get in trouble by the police,lol. I think it's a great sentiment and very cool.

Erin said...

we have two things in common, i too love the mama bird diaries. kelcey is awesome and i loved once. fantastic music and story line too.

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