Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Handmade hullabaloo

So a couple of weeks ago, I sorta took this pledge to buy/make handmade gifts for everyone on my Christmas list this year. I say "sorta" because I still haven't thought up any handmade items to suit my 9 and 12 year old nephews--I can't picture them getting really excited about a tote bag or a quilted belt. And I can't whittle.

Anyway, this new sewing hobby has me a little high right now. I can't tell you how exhilarating it is to finish a project, to feel the pride of having created something beautiful(ish). So to have an excuse to sew has made me a bit of a hermit. I have a gift/project list a mile long, a closet stuffed with vintage fabric that I scored at a yard sale last weekend, and a permanent crick in my neck. John misses me. When he complains, I remind him how much money I'm saving by making our Christmas gifts. Nevermind the twice weekly trips to Jo-Ann's and the notions and needles and interfacing and dish towels and sewing books I've bought. I'm saving money, dammit!

I would love to share my f.o.'s here (it's sewing lingo--you wouldn't understand), but I have family lurking about, and I'd hate to blow any surprises. Maybe I'll set up a flickr group and relatives can be on the no-snoop honor system. I'll just enforce the rule that my parents handed down when we were little: if you snoop and discover your present, you take it then and there, and you'll have nothing under the tree for Christmas. So there. Remember, I can trace your outclicks, people.

I think a great deal about all the other work I should be doing while I sew: blogging here and at BabyCenter...grading papers...taking care of the children...nurturing my marriage...watching my DVR'ed episodes of The Hills. But the Singer calls to me every night (Singer, you know, like a siren). I think (hope?) some of my enthusiasm is bound to wear off, but until then, miss me. I'm busy doing all of this:

(okay, okay, f.o. = finished object. And I just learned that yesterday.)


L'oiseau said...

Thank you for explaining "f.o."...I was a bit stymied by that one...hehe!
Handmade gifts are great, and at least we can FEEL like we're saving money with it.

cbh said...

What have you made me for Christmas? :)

Mean Mommy said...

I made you a laptop!

Victoria said...

Oh, I sooo wanna do handmade, unfortunately, I have absolutely no talents in making-by-hand. Looking forward to seeing your handmades. =)

cbh said...

ok...fair enough. but, i could really use a cool teacher bag, a laptop lap desk, or an ultra-hip purse (see reprodepot purse patterns) that is if you need sewing practice.

Anne said...

Every year about June, I decide to do as much of a handmade christmas as possible, buy a bunch of craft supplies and then forget about it until November then panic. I'm a knitter so I do work on some items year round for christmas. Mostly smaller stuff for teacher gifts and such.

For the boys you could make floor lounging/reading pillows. Cover a regular bed pillow with a boy-themed fabric. Or JoAnn's has some great 27" pillows that are pricey unless you have a coupon. Nate's second grade teacher required reading pillows and I used a dragon print fabric and he still loves it.

Can't wait to see what you've made.