Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Habits of the 7 Month Old

Ten Irritating Habits of the 7 Month Old

  1. Blowing pureed pears into the face of her mother
  2. Squeezing and twisting noses
  3. While being changed, placing a cleanly socked foot into a freshly soiled diaper
  4. Spitting out the pacifier and screaming for the replacement of the pacifier 6,324 times a night
  5. Pulling off sun hats and tossing them in the pool
  6. Grabbing, yanking, and dislodging fistfuls of hair
  7. Rolling across the floor to find and attempt to eat the one dangerously tiny object that her mother missed when clearing the floor of dangerously tiny objects
  8. Lunging for anything that crosses her line of vision, especially when being held
  9. Diving face first into ice cream cones that her father carelessly holds within face's reach
  10. Arching her back at the indignity of being placed in the carseat or highchair.
Ten Endearing Habits of the 7 Month Old
  1. The nursing purr
  2. Rocking and bouncing when someone sings "You Make me Feel Like Dancing"
  3. Banging gleefully on her xylophone
  4. Belly laughing
  5. Giving strangers a tiny grin, then bashfully burying her face in her mother's shoulder
  6. Flailing arms and legs with joy when daddy comes into the room
  7. Raspberries
  8. The nursing look: grateful, peaceful, trusting eyes
  9. Stroking and holding her brothers' faces
  10. Learning to lean out and reach for mommy from someone else's arms

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