Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If you insist

I've had several (2) complaints over the past week about the lack of new posts here at MM. Well, our lives have been exceedingly boring, and I haven't been thinking about anything interesting at all, so you want me to be one of those blow-by-blow bloggers who write about the minutia of their daily lives? Who discuss what was had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Actually, If I am going to update, it will have to be minutia, for truly nothing more has happened.
A few minutii (the singular of minutia?):

Owen started first grade. This may not seem mundane to you, but the move to first grade has been taken very much in stride by my first born. His favorite things about 1st grade so far: no naptime, real desks, and his new pal James.

We still have overdue library books. The librarian actually gasped when she tallied our fines. Luckily they can't charge more than $10 to clear your tarnished name.

We freakin' love Blue Bunny Cookie Dough ice cream. So much that we ate (as a 6 person family, mind you) an entire half gallon container in one day. Well...maybe the babysitter had some.

We saw The Dark Knight. And you know how when there's lots of hype about something it never ends up being as good as you hoped it would be? Well Heath Ledger lives up to the hype. I was shocked actually.

Paige strung three words together for the first time, and the phrase she uttered is one of my least favorites: "One more time!"

John perfected his butter/wine/lemon sauce. And we've been eating it on everything.

I'm getting fatter. See entries 3 and 6.

I cleaned the van. Because if you're in carpool line and trash falls out of the car when you open the door, it's way embarrassing.

I've been sewing my ass off. Which is hard because you totally need an ass if you're going to sit at a sewing machine.

Mitch has been prattling on and on all the live long day. Talking without ceasing and actually demanding my full attention as he does so. It's hard. So hard.

So there you have it, a slice of our boring lives and my flatlined mind. I think it's the heat that's made us sluggish. Perhaps I'll have more insightful things to say next time. But I do, after all, have to save some insight for Momformation since they, like, pay me. So if you truly need a fix o' the Mean Mommy, you can always check out what I have to say over there.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I think we've got you beat on library fines. Totally. As in, 3 digits' worth of 'em...

cbh said...

"one more time?" there is a techno song entitled that. paige is such a raver.

Tina said...

Blue Bunny is the best.

Be glad there's nothing exciting going on. If there's one thing getting older has taught me, it's that mundane is good...because sometimes the alternative isn't.

bcre8uv said...

I am so relieved to find another serial library felon out there. I think I owe the library about the equivalent of a car payment...for two books on ladybugs, and ironically, one on organization. I swear I am a responsible person in almost all other areas of my life!

Anonymous said...

yeah!! I'm glad you are back!!

Melisa@andbabywillmake4 said...

Glad to see an update. I'm new to your blog, but have been sneaking by to catch an update.

Suz said...

You said the magic words: Blue Bunny Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

MadMad said...

Hahahaha! Your minuti are far more interesting than most, so feel free to publish them at will. How is Owen in school already?! It's July! Dear Lord! And the talking? I wish I could say it gets better. I really, really do....