Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is...

Chasing shadows

Making the playoffs:

Diving in ball pits:

Turning five

Finding Easter eggs:

Blowing bubbles:

And resting in the shade

Happy April!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mitch, you are my favorite because

Another installment in the "you are my favorite because..." birthday series.

Mitch, you are my favorite because...

You are currently my biggest fan, filling my days with "I love you's," creating art in my honor, bringing me my rice pillow, helping me cook and clean, and laying your head on my shoulder while we watch TV.

You remind my of my father and my brother.

You tolerate your position in our household with such patience and understanding. You defer to Owen when that is what you need to do, and you help Paige along when that is what you need to do.

Tonight you sobbed and sobbed because you scared Paige with your new remote control tarantula, and you felt terrible about it.

You come up with the most creative reasons for staying home from school and for coming into bed with us at night.

You have mad style, particularly when you wear your Pink Floyd tee.

You say things like, "Mommy, sometimes you are so conservative," and "I'm even psyched-er about my field trip tomorrow!"

You recognize good music and you're not afraid to sing with the headphones on.

You can charm adults without coming off phony.

You beg to wind the bobbin on my sewing machine, and you love my sewing lessons.

You cherish the things I make for you and understand that their value comes from the love put into the making.

You taught yourself to ride a two-wheeler, persisting even after tearing up one side of your face in a bad spill.

You kiss me goodbye every morning, and you're the first to greet me when I come home from work.

When you were a tiny baby, you gave me some of the most peaceful, emotional, and spiritual moments of my life as I rocked you in the dark.

I love you Snitcheroo! Happy birthday, my school-aged boy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day: A Haiku

March, a fierce lion,
Bends flowers to icy death.
Me? I serve cocoa.